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The sale is a contract whose object is the exchange in the ownership of the goods, where one of the parties delivers a good or right and the other party rewards them financially. These contracts can be of different types (some bilateral, others consensual) but they always stipulate obligations for both the seller and the buyer.

  • The seller is obliged to guarantee the transfer of ownership to the buyer and to keep the negotiated property in perfect condition until delivery, among other things.
  • The buyer must pay the price agreed in the sale, as well as correctly receive the acquired property.

In Notaría de Blas we will advise you during this process, as well as on any issue related to public instruments or public deeds. Our team is in charge of authenticating and legalizing the purchase and sale processes. You will be perfectly informed all the time so that you are totally aware of what you are about to sign.

When making mortgage loans, a significant amount of money is delivered to the beneficiary. Consequently, a real estate is required as a payment guarantee because, in the event of not complying with the provisions, the financial entity would become the owner of the property.

Mortgages must be made under the supervision of a notary, given the importance of the obligations to be contracted. At Notaría de Blas you will find a team of professionals who will help you prepare the specialized documents necessary to apply for a mortgage loan. We will keep you informed of each step of the process.

Subrogations and renewals are the ideal options to improve the payment conditions of mortgage loans. Due to the rise and fall of interest rates in today’s economy, your home loan agreement may be found to contain higher interest than other banks.

A subrogation allows you to change the mortgage to another financial institution, thus reducing the interest rate and reducing mortgage expenses.

A mortgage novation implies a renewal of the terms defined for the mortgage with the same bank where it was acquired, which does not imply a change of financial institution.

At Notaría de Blas we will inform you and solve all your doubts about each of the legal processes of your mortgage. We will study your case and advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the different contracts.

If you need more information about homes and mortgages, feel free to contact us.