Notaria De Blas - Actas

The proceedings are documents that are intended to authenticate, testify, verify, and establish facts or factual situations. In this case, the Notary is really important because it records and attests to what happened during a session, a raffle, a congress, assembly, meeting of partners of a company, community of neighbors or any other type of meeting, in order to reflect the decisions agreed on the agenda or the negotiations carried out in each of them.

we carry out different types of proceedings, such as:

  • Notary auctions.
  • Raffle minutes.
  • Exhibition minutes.
  • Minutes of notification and requirement.
  • Acts of notoriety.
  • Minutes of presence.

Consult us and we will inform you of the legal effects regarding the content of each of the minutes to find the one that best suits your needs.

The testimonies are the transcription or faithful reproduction, total or partial, of an original document. It is an authorized certification against any authority or administration, where the notary attests to his correspondence with the original.

The legitimations, especially the legitimations of signatures, are notarial testimonies through which a Notary certifies the identity, information of the signer and the date of signature of a document, without assuming responsibility or attesting to the content of the document.

If you need more information about the proceedings, contact us.